Walgreens will soon start selling marijuana in retail stores. Walgreens announced plans to start selling marijuana in the states that have legalized cannabis. Walgreens is the first retail store, to recognize and acknowledges the demand for marijuana users, in the treatment of several medical conditions, including glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis to name just a few medical conditions.

A spoke person made the announcement he said, “Walgreens will offer and lead the industry and make it convenient for consumers to purchase a selection of strains of cannabis products and services.

“We are very proud to be the first retail store, in U.S.A. to sell medical marijuana, while other stores are not listing to consumer demands”.

Walgreens will begin with locations in Washington state, and Colorado. There will also be a cannabis corner, which will be dedicated to events and education.

Walgreens, promises, friendly service and expert advice from knowledgeable state registered consultants who will diagnose and treat people every day. The consultants can even write prescription if needed. Products will include at home drug test, six-star creation caplets to detox THC.