A couple of years ago, parents were elated that they had finally made headway in the State of Florida when they passed a “low-THC” bill allowing for a modified definition of hemp in Florida. While parents all knew they needed a much higher THC, even parents treating our children, felt like it was a huge step in the right direction. Surely, more dominoes would start to fall. The politician who introduced the bill came out publicly to state he hoped this bill offset the public’s perception that anything more was needed so as to vote against Amendment 2;. If this man would do this for his suffering friend, imagine what parents would do for their children! Everyone knew what he obtained for his friend wasn’t “low-THC.” Both father and son opposed broader measure. All of their friends did, too! Everyone knew early on something about the good ol’ boy system in Florida was very, very wrong. Children and Teenagers were using higher THC than what this bill allowed for. These politicians were made aware. They passed it with flying colors and refused to work with the parents further. Then the truth about the bill and its benefactors became clearer. More and more children died. More children suffered. Not everyone can just pick up and move to a legal state as ignorant bystanders would recommend. That’s why there’s Canna Moms

Cannamoms.com is an organization the help parents support giving their kids marijuana. The Cannamoms are part of just a handful of the hundreds of families from across the country who have relocated or are considering moving to a state where medical marijuana is legal.

“What we need to focus on is the unlawful laws that make us relocate or move to states that already have cannabis legally for medicinal purposes,” Cinnamon Renee Petro, whose son Branden suffers from intractable seizures.