1. Chasing Bob

    We have a lot to think about in the next few months the country is in outright turmoil with the elections, mass shootings, the war on terror and such. Isn't it time to think a little more about the philosophy that we should all be following. The person that was able to be such an extreme pacifist and at the same time the biggest advocate of dissention. The guy who, was almost killed by gunmen, con…Read More

  2. Whoopi & Maya Marijuana Infused Products

    Whoopi Goldberg has always acknowledged how she loves the benefits of smoking marijuana, but now she has gone a step further and developed a marijuana-infused product line that helps women Premenstrual Cycle discomfort. Whoopi has gotten together with marijuana edibles Maya Elizabeth so that women don’t have to experience the cramps and discomfort that comes alone with PMS. Whoopi & Maya wil…Read More

  3. No Mo DWI

    Breathalyzer tests are no longer just for drinking anymore. If you think that the legalization of marijuana means a free for all toke fest without tight regulations, you are mistaken. A new invention will make it possible for police to pull drivers over, and test people for marijuana impairment on the spot, in conjunction with the usual alcohol breathalyzer test. Clinical trials will start next …Read More

  4. Weed Almost Legal In Orlando

    Orlando city council adopts the use of civil citations, use for marijuana, but with some changes. With a 4 to 3 vote, Orlando city council passed a revised measure that decriminalizes passion 20-gram grams or less of marijuana and gives police the discretion to issue civil citations instead of arresting people. The new bill does not go into effect until later this year, Oct 1. Mayor Buddy Dyer and…Read More

  5. Pro & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

    Within the last year, our country has undergone some significant changes. One of these changes is that two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. So what does that mean, and what does that mean for the Conservative? It's law in Colorado, which passed Nov. 6, 2012 under the 64th Amendment, states that an adult over the age of 21 may possess up to one ounce o…Read More

  6. Canni Moms

    A couple of years ago, parents were elated that they had finally made headway in the State of Florida when they passed a “low-THC” bill allowing for a modified definition of hemp in Florida. While parents all knew they needed a much higher THC, even parents treating our children, felt like it was a huge step in the right direction. Surely, more dominoes would start to fall. The politician who …Read More

  7. Citations for Marijuana in Volusia County

    Marijuana has become legal fully including recreational use in five states Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. In 23 other states marijuana has become legal in some from but the other states still consider its crime and will arrest individuals for possession. Some cities are issuing a citation for possession of 20 grams of marijuana or less, and Volusia County is …Read More

  8. Walgreens Sells Drugs

    Walgreens will soon start selling marijuana in retail stores. Walgreens announced plans to start selling marijuana in the states that have legalized cannabis. Walgreens is the first retail store, to recognize and acknowledges the demand for marijuana users, in the treatment of several medical conditions, including glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis to name just a few medical conditions. A spo…Read More